Meet the broads!


Evelyne studied social work and also attended a course in security. Different cultures, travel and adventure have always fascinated her. She has a strong interest in video as a way to deliver a message and has always wanted to explore this. The unknown and the ‘backyard’ of the world drives her and she loves to just go out and discover. Although she’s driven to explore a story to the fullest, she’ll always deal with a conversation partner in a respectful and deontological way. This is something she does in her job and with this project. Evelyne enjoys sports, is a perfectionist and is a jack-of-all-trades. She speaks a bit of Turkish and immerses herself quickly in new cultures. She likes sincerity and has that proverbial gift of the gab.



Manon studied journalism and audiovisual communication. She worked as a generalist for 2 years at FremantleMedia Belgium. She also made reports for ATV and worked for free to get stories ‘from the streets‘. She believes everyone has a right to tell a story.
Since her first visit to Mongolia, she’s passionate about Central Asia and nomadic tribes/people. Given her experience in television and as a videographer and editor, it quickly became clear she wanted to make documentaries. She’s also bitten by research and helped finding the right stories for the Mongol Rally. She also filmed everything during the rally. She’s now responsible for the editing of the documentary, together with former co-worker Lieven Michiels (an amazing editor). Manon hopes to continue her career as a documentary maker.



Coming soon


Carole is a creative generalist with a background in research journalism, communication, education and Human Resources. She’s always been fascinated by human rights and has volunteering experience regarding these topics (European Youth Parliament, Refugee lectures). She works as a career coach but had always dreamed of a journalistic project in her spare time. She was initially involved as a brainstorm partner, but quickly couldn’t let go of the project as a whole. Once BROAD and the concept was established, she helped where she could: communication, translation, website building, social media, research, marketing, partnerships and copywriting. Networking is her cup of tea and she’s a natural campaigner for gender equality.