There are some Netflix shows that you cannot get enough of, like McRibs and Shamrock Shakes. They go away for a while, and then they come back when you want them again. For you to binge before that fast food treats return, we have three zero-calorie shows you can watch.

While two of these shows just returned last year, the biggest one has been on hold since 2019.

With Netflix’s largest retro sci-fi series, an animated anthology series, and a reality TV series that would probably be able to buy Twitter, each show offers something different.

In fact, two of these show picks are already on our best Netflix shows list, while the third is likely to try and buy its way onto the list. But since everyone has blind spots, don’t be discouraged if you haven’t tried them yet.

In case, you watch TV the old way and enjoy the element of surprise, you do not have to cut the cord and opt for Netflix. If money is the issue, there are many providers that offer amazing and affordable deals. For instance, you can go for Optimum cable. The channel list is just too good and the prices will not blow out your budget.

Those in favor of Netflix, below are some of the picks to watch in 2022.

  1. Stranger Things

There are numerous blockbusters premiering this summer, and “Stranger Things” is the top television drama undoubtedly until “Lord of the Rings”  and  “House of the Dragon” premiere. The Duffer Bros are not going away without a fight, not even with those gargantuan franchises on the horizon.

It also has a budget that dwarfs what Marvel’s “Doctor Strange” will have, delivering seven more hours of storytelling. You can also open the Netflix app at the end of the month if you want to see what all that money can deliver. TV will be a huge hit this summer. Here’s hoping the Hawkins children can get the game started right.

  1. Love, Death + Robots

It has followed a familiar pattern of inconsistency over the course of the two season-long formally ambitious series, which is the production of Tim Millerand David Fincher. Despite the fact that the great episodes do not essentially overshadow the mediocre ones, those who are interested in the format and inspired by the anything-can-happen nature of episodic storytelling are probably still hopeful Season 3 will be equally as lucrative. New episodes will cover everything from a comedy apocalypse to unearthing ancient evil. There is no news yet on writers or directors, but one episode will serve as a sequel to an episode from Season 1.

  1. Happy Endings

The movie “Happy Endings” will leave Netflix at the end of the month. Do you really need to watch it? Not really, when HBO Max and Hulu are still streaming it. However, if Netflix is your main streaming service (or if you have cut back on other subscriptions as prices increase), the departure of David Caspe’s brief but superbly conceived hangout comedy is a timely reminder to a) reexamine your budget and ensure that you are getting what you want from the services you keep, b) switch subscription services rather than remain loyal to anyone service monthly, year after year, and c) invest in physical media.

There is literally never a bad time to watch “Happy Endings,” so this could be the occasion for you to dive back in. (Or you could just buy the episodes through iTunes or your ideal digital hub to avoid swapping out DVD discs every few hours.)

  1. The G Word with Adam Conover

As a comedy docuseries written and produced by Barack and Michelle Obama, “The G Word” aims to explain how government impacts people’s lives. As well as Adam Conover as host (and a reason to watch), Michael Lewis, whose 2018 book “The Fifth Risk: Undoing Democracy” inspired “The G Word,” rounds out the impressive talent bringing “The G Word” to life.

A tight, imaginative, and unflinching 30-minute episode looks at how the American government affects food, weather, money, disease, the future, and change. Knowing how the government works is the first step to making sure it abides by the will of its people. “The G Word” aims to help you digest those lessons.

  1. Downton Abbey

Even though it is not an urgent matter – past seasons of “Downton Abbey” are accessible to stream through Peacock Premium and Amazon Prime Video- it is worth noting that Netflix will be dropping the original run of the movie in less than two weeks. You will be fine unless you have any other subscription.


Choosing the right show can be hard, especially with the overwhelming number of options available these days on Netflix and other video streaming services. However, we have tried to make the process easier for you with this article. Let us know in the comments below what movie/show you end up watching.