How to Setup WiFi Extender Connection by 7 methods?

Trying to connect the extender but unable to do that? Many users rub their heads because of the same problem. You can just go for the Wavlink extender setup by these following methods.

What are the Signal Breakers?

There could be a lot of reasons like signals not passing through the walls. But great tips are provided here to improve the network.

Table of Contents
1. Consider Doing these steps one by one:
2. To set up your extender using WPS:
3. Wireless Diagnostics
4. Network Surfing And Setting.
5. Try to Put Wi-Fi extenders on the dead zone.

Consider Doing these steps one by one:

  • Ensure that your WiFi is on. If the WiFi is off then, select the no internet option on the taskbar. And turn the internet on. However, if the Airplane mode is on then make sure to turn it off as well.
  • Try to connect the WiFi network to the WiFi quick settings, to recognize the list of the networks. Now  connect the network, after selecting the WiFi network just see if the network says it is connected, now just disconnect and wait to connect again as it takes time to establish connection.
  • In the list of WiFi these two 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks will appear so separate both the forms.
  • But firstly check whether the laptop is switched on; check whether it is turned on the laptop.
  • The Network troubleshooter will help you diagnose the common connection problem and also help to run the network troubleshooter.

To set up your extender using WPS:

  1. To start with the extender If it has an Access Point/Extender switch, then set it to the Extender.
  2. Plug the router in the same room as the extender. And then check if the Power LEDs are back
  3. In addition if the LED lights are not visible then press it hard and power it up.
  4. Now stop here to see if the LEDs are stable on the extender or not.
  5. It would take little time.
  6. Perform a factory reset if this one is not your first time. hold down on the WPS Button on the extender and after a while on the device. The WPS LED will start blinking.
  7. Re-locate your extender to cut off the dead zones. That should be halfway between the poor WiFi Signal and the router.
  8. Attach the Extender once again and wait here till the LED slowly starts blinking.
  9. Now choose the extended network depending on the particular network name from the list.
  10. As a result it would be same as the original network: like MYWIFIEXT or
    As the same network is added like _2G or 5G added with: MYWIFIEXT_2G, MYWIFIEXT_5G.
  11. The extended network password will be the same as the password for your original network.

Note: If the password updation still seems tough to you then you can login into the portal of setup and change it easily like this.

Wireless Diagnostics

To get a clear picture of the network health, the diagnostic network tool is a robust program. Just tap on the “command” then at the “spacebar” and type  the “Wireless Diagnostics” in the search bar. In any issue which is more relevant.

Network Surfing And Setting.

Once you are done with the above method. Then open the program, it will scan your WiFi network on the immediate areas. Monitor the WiFi connection. Choose none of them, select “scan” from the drop down window menu and now select from the network list and “scan now”

Finally a list of connections will be visible to you on the screen; this list will also include the list of the operating channels, Will have both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands that are simply based on network congestion. Then you have to find the brand on Google by its “IP address”.

Try to Put Wi-Fi extenders on the dead zone.

Booster and repeaters work similarly, in that case you can extend your network or create a new one. Extenders are important when the WiFi signal is weak; they are mostly useful when the house or office is having more than one dead zone. Sometimes two networks can have some problems connecting conveniently. So look for the same name while broadcasting. However, extenders extend the reach out of your network speed. As a result speed may be a little bit slower.


We hope the article is informative and helpful. Look above once again and see we have given so many tips. If you feel that we lack any of your query regarding above then you can comment in the below chat box or login in the extender portal Wavlink extender login and configure your settings easily and also read about How to Fix Wavlink AC1200 setup.