What makes tool bags good to carry?

The main point of difference between the tool bag and the tool box is that a tool bag is easier for the tradie to carry. A tool bag generally comes as either a back pack or duffle bag design, with sturdy straps and constructed in lightweight fabric, that you can sling comfortably over your shoulder. 

So, lets have a look at the range of features that make tool bags portable and easy to carry.


Tool bags are manufactured from fabric, so are light enough to carry over your shoulder.  But as a place for sharp, metal tools, the fabric needs to be extra tough. Most bags are made from heavy duty 600 denier fabric or tough polypropylene with reinforced seams, either leather or doubled up strengthened materials to make sure your tools can’t pierce the outer layers of the bag. 


Tool bag straps are made from the same strengthened fabric, while incorporating ergonomic designs to ensure carrying your tools will not cause any muscular strain. Straps in both the duffle bag and back pack tool bags are padded with heavy leather or vinyl and loop handles are also included in both designs. 


The distribution of your tools throughout the bag balances the weight and makes carrying your tool bag easier and less of a strain. The inclusion of multiple pockets, pouches and elasticized loops both inside and outside the bag ensures that the weight of your tools is evenly spread to ensure your back or shoulders don’t suffer. 

Hard bottom 

With a bag that is expected to hold hammers, spanner sets and even power tools, a hard base helps keep the tools in place and the bag better balanced. A firm base allows the bag to be carried either by hand or over the shoulder, with the tools unlikely to protrude in awkward places. The hard bottom also keeps the bag upright on a flat surface, making it both easier to find equipment and to pick up again when you need to.

External pockets 

A good tool bag will include inner and outer pockets and pouches that can be used for items you need easy access to such as mobile phones, Multimeters, and documents.  When transporting the bag, you can find these items without having to put down the bag, open it and rummage through to find the parts you are looking for. 


With waterproof exteriors, tool bags are impervious to the weather. When carrying your bag, you can be assured that your tools will stay dry and well stored. Tool bags are either constructed out of waterproof polyester or polypropylene or have waterproof coating. Some tool bags are even more ruggedized to withstand dust and heat in harsh and remote locations 

When storing and transporting your tools, you need to have confidence that they will remain safe, secure and damage free. To find out which tool bag provides a comfortable fit for all your tools, while still being good to carry, contact the tool experts at RSOnline.